The avast continuously my site experiencing disk problems is a common problem that could affect the performance of your PC. The antivirus software is able to perform routine tasks, including qualification scanning, computer system deciphering, and laptop or computer cleaning that can consume lots of memory. However, there are few methods to fix this issue, like scanning for viruses, resetting virtual memory and performing a clean boot. You can also deactivate the background scanning and change the frequency of scans.

You can also turn off automatic updates. This will prevent your computer from installing and downloading new features, which can cause your use of the CPU or disk to spike. You can access the Avast interface by clicking its icon in your tray in your system, or searching for it in your Commence menu. Click on the Settings icon and choose Components. Find the component which is taking up too much memory (Avast Cleanup in this kind of scenario) and click on Uninstall Component. Once the process is complete restart your computer to check whether the issue persists.

Avast’s core security features can be turned off. They operate in real time, and consume plenty of memory. You can do this by clicking on the Avast icon in the tray and then selecting Adjustments. Scroll down to the Core Shields section and select the Protection tab. Uncheck every option in this tab and then click Close. You can also try deleting temporary data files to free up space on your hard drive.